A sports or exercise-related injury that requires healing can sideline your performance or fitness efforts for weeks or even months.

Massage therapy is one type of physical therapy that provides many important benefits to help speed and improve healing.

Partnered with a prescribed physical therapy regime or even just rest, the benefits of therapeutic massage can enhance sports injury recovery greatly and get you moving again very soon!

Massage A Great Therapy After Diagnosis

A massage therapist can not and should not diagnose any sports-related injury; however, they can definitely play a role in your healing after having been properly diagnosed.

With that diagnosis, massage therapists can formulate a treatment plan and schedule to keep your body supple and relaxed during other treatments and promote better healing during periods of rest.

It is so effective that many doctors and physical therapists now recommend therapeutic massage as a part of their treatment plans for sports injury rehabilitation.

How Does Massage Therapy Help Sports Injury Recovery

Sports injuries to the muscle, bone, ligaments, and tendons can be extremely painful and take a long time to heal.

Massage therapy can be a critical part of the recovery process as it helps to relieve the pain of injury as well as the pain that can even come with physical therapy treatments.

Massage added into the recovery plan makes it possible for many to get better results from their recovery treatments because it helps the body to heal itself.

Swedish, trigger-point, and other types of massage improve physical healing after an exercise or sports injury by:

  • Increasing Blood Flow - Oxygen is a critical component for healing. The more oxygen received by body tissue, the faster it can heal. Massage loosens tight muscles to promote better blood flow to those areas, oxygenating them more.
  • Improving Flexibility and Motility - Another benefit of massage is that increasing oxygen and blood flow also loosens and stretches the affected areas, improving their flexibility and range of motion.
  • Reducing Pain - Massage that loosens tightness and knots as well as gets blood flowing better can reduce pain in these areas considerably.
  • Reducing Stress - Massage can provide significant relief from both physical body stress due to injury and overuse as well as mental and emotional stress caused by worry and the psychological element of a sports injury.
  • Speeding Recovery Time - The healthier physical state generated in the body through massage can greatly increase the effect of rest and physical therapy, speeding up recovery time.

How Can Regular Sports Massage Prevent Injury?

Though massage is an effective therapy for healing after you have sustained some kind of sports injury, it is also effective for preventing one.

Many of these injuries occur when muscles are tight and flexibility is reduced, something that frequently happens after previous periods of exertion.

Therapeutic massage after any sort of sport activity to reduce inflammation, tightness, and soreness can reduce post-exertion recovery time so the body is ready for the next workout.

Massage Is A Key Element In Sports Injury Recovery

A sports injury or getting hurt while exercising can be a painful disappointment.

Regardless of whether your injury is minor and requires only rest or substantial enough to require surgery and physical therapy, massage therapy can help your body heal better and faster than without it.

Discuss the inclusion of massage as a part of your sports injury rehabilitation, then find a qualified massage therapist who can work within your treatment plan.

Used for injury prevention and improved recuperation, massage is a key component of having a strong, healthy body!

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