Anyone who has undergone relaxation or therapeutic massage will tell you that it is a wonderful, non-invasive procedure that can really help a variety of problems.

In spite of this, recognition of massage therapy as a valuable medical tool has been slow to happen over the years.

Thankfully, that is all changing as more and more proof becomes available about the many ways visiting a massage therapy salon can help people! 

Massage As A Respected Healthcare Therapy

As more research is being conducted and more study results are being released, massage as a healthcare therapy is finally seeing greater recognition by the healthcare industry itself.

Positive results gained from a variety of different massage therapies have healthcare providers not only paying attention but starting to recommend it for their patients.

With the growing acceptance of alternative therapies like massage, acupressure, acupuncture, and other techniques, patients all over can now benefit from these helpful, non-invasive therapies alongside other medical treatments or sometimes even instead of taking medications or undergoing surgery.

More Access to Quality Training Opportunities

With the growing interest in alternative therapies that are proving to be effective, there are more and better training opportunities now available, too.

An individual can now enroll in a massage school and become employable by a massage therapy salon in under a year.

Intensive hands-on training programs that more quickly teach multiple types of massage and bodywork are available everywhere, helping those with an interest in this profession become qualified and licensed therapists faster to meet the growing demand for this therapy.

Unprecedented Growth In the Massage Therapy Industry

As recognition of an important alternative healthcare therapy has grown, so has the demand for massage therapy.

In America alone, the number of patients receiving massage as a therapy has more than doubled between 2010 and 2020, a rate that is increasing much faster than most other industries and occupations.

Massage therapists are frequently listed on occupational lists of growing and recommended occupations as this therapy continues to grow and massage salons continue to seek out skilled therapists.

More than 220 million massage treatments have been administered by therapists to over 50 million patients as of the latest statistical information on this effective, holistic therapy.

A Growing and Recommended Alternative Healthcare Solution

There is no doubt that whether your concern is tension and anxiety or a physical problem like an injury or some type of illness, there is a form of massage therapy that can help you.

Bodywork like therapeutic massage focuses on helping the body to heal itself, lessening the need for medicine or surgery in many cases.

With the healthcare industry finally acknowledging the benefits to be gained and the ways massage can fit in with both an integrative or holistic approach, there has never been a better time to visit a massage therapy salon for whatever ails you.

Speak with your doctor first when seeking relief from an injury or illness, then call a local salon to discuss a therapy plan with experienced massage therapists.

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