There are many kinds of massage you could have performed by a therapist, each to serve a different purpose.

Some like sports or oncology massage reduce stress in the body caused by injuries or illness.

Others like the various types of relaxation massage are great for promoting well-being and comfort as well as relieving different types of tension.

There is a lot more to a relaxation massage than simply dozing off as magic fingers do their work, often many more benefits than you may realize!

How Is Relaxation Massage Different?

Of all the types of massage, none is more comforting than one of the various forms of relaxation massage.

Relaxation massage is a type of gentle body manipulation that uses softer, smoother, and longer motions to loosen and relax muscles as well as improve circulation, both of which can reduce many types of stress in the body.

This is very different from deep tissue techniques like sports massage and other stronger methods that are used as actual therapies to correct injuries and physical ailments.

In addition, relaxation techniques are usually very soothing while deep tissue methods can produce temporary soreness.

What Are The Types of Relaxation Massage?

Relaxation massage is the technique that comes to mind most often when people think about getting a massage.

There are three main types of relaxation massage performed by massage therapists in spas all over the world:

  • Swedish Massage - The best massage for anyone who has never had one before, this calming, soothing manipulation involves soft kneading and stretching, gentle tapping and prodding, and other easy techniques that increase circulation, loosen the muscle fibers, and create general feelings of relaxation throughout the body.
  • Aromatherapy Massage - A form of Swedish massage with the added benefit of using essential oils on the body to aid the relaxation process by affecting the olfactory senses in calming ways.
  • Hot Stone Massage - Another variation of Swedish massage, this massage is used with heated stones. The stones are placed on different parts of the body to warm and loosen the muscles beneath them and then the area is massaged.

What Are Some Benefits of Relaxation Massage?

Besides the main benefit of simply being very relaxing, these three types of massage are great for soothing minor aches and pains, reducing tension headaches, lowering blood pressure, and reducing anxiety and depression.

Relaxation massage can promote healing and increase immunity by improving the circulation of blood and oxygen through the body as well.

It is the best massage to relieve back pain, heal minor soft-tissue injuries and bruising, increase range of motion, and will even help you sleep better, which can contribute to other types of healing.

Calm Your Senses with Relaxation Massage

With so many benefits to be gained, it is no wonder that relaxation massage techniques like Swedish, hot stone, and aromatherapy massage are a great choice for general relaxation and overall body wellness.

Whether you are feeling blue, have back or body stiffness, are experiencing poor sleep, or just need some hands-on massage to get your body blissfully humming again, a massage from an experienced therapist is one of the best and most holistic ways to do it!

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