We live in stressful times these days and all that stress can have an effect on your emotional well-being.

Did you know that one of the important benefits derived from massage therapy at a qualified massage therapy salon is improved peace of mind?

Some healing massage with a skilled massage therapist is a great way to feel better both physically and mentally as you head into 2021 ready to succeed!

Stress and Mental Health

In its different forms, stress is one of the main factors that can negatively affect mental health.

Whether suffering from anxiety, emotional stress, or depression, massage therapy specialists find that it can all take a toll on your overall psychological wellbeing, making everyday life more challenging.

Physical stress like injuries and weaknesses can cause both chronic and acute pain that can lead to a decline in your overall mental health.

Anyone dealing with any of these issues can benefit greatly by visiting a massage therapy salon to receive some sessions of healing massage.

How Can Massage Therapy Improve Psychological Wellbeing?

Massage therapists use a number of different types of massage to relieve a variety of problems.

Research on these therapies has indicated that one of the many benefits gained in addition to physical ones is an improvement in emotional well-being based on how massage therapy is used and the body systems affected:

  • Improved Blood Circulation - Massage therapy releases and loosens muscle tissue while promoting better circulation and through better circulation, all body systems function better and the body is able to heal itself more easily.
  • Releases Hormones and Endorphins - Healing brain chemicals and hormones like dopamine and serotonin are also released after relaxing therapeutic massage which along with other chemicals help to reduce mental stress and depression including seasonal depression as well as promote feelings of wellbeing. They also regulate circadian rhythms and promote better sleep.
  • Reduces Physical Pain and Cortisol Release - Through careful kneading, stretching, and manipulating in addition to the release of important beneficial brain chemicals, massage therapists can also relieve physical pain in the body. By loosening physical tension and slowing the release of cortisol a stress-induced hormone, the body will feel better and any stress-related mental stability effects will be reduced.
  • Promotes Relaxation and Wellbeing - A visit to a massage therapy salon will also leave you feeling much more relaxed afterward, which is an important positive effect on your mental wellbeing. Feelings of contentment and wellbeing combined with those of a relaxed body are positive feelings that contribute to improving your psychological health.

Start 2021 With Helpful Massage Therapy

Massage therapy performed by an experienced massage therapist offers many important benefits, from pain reduction and quickened healing to relaxation as well as reduced anxiety and depression.

Collectively, all of these benefits can also lead to improved mental health so the tension of everyday life does not get you down.

When experiencing mental stress of any kind, consider visiting a massage therapy salon to unwind and let skilled hands create a healthier you.

Sometimes all that is needed to start feeling both physically and mentally better is to get your body functioning better with a healing therapeutic massage!

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