If you are like many other people in need of a massage, you may occasionally experience uncomfortable myofascial trigger points, more commonly known as muscle knots, tense muscle areas that can be painful and have various causes.

Did you know that these painful areas can also be relieved quite effectively with massage therapy?

Avoid the pain of muscle knots by understanding how they happen and the ways that visiting a massage therapist can help!

What Is A Muscle Knot?

A muscle knot is a group of swollen, inflamed muscle fibers usually in the back, neck, shoulders, and glutes that tightens up and sometimes even spasms while the muscle is at rest and should be relaxed.

A side-effect of minor muscle injury caused by overuse, injury, body dehydration, poor posture, and other reasons, muscle knots can be extremely uncomfortable and radiate pain to elsewhere in the body.

As with other muscle problems, massage therapy is one of the best ways to relieve a muscle knot.

A skilled massage therapist can both ‘untie’ that knot and relieve other pain associated with it.

How Can Massage Therapy Help With Muscle Knots?

Massage is an effective technique used to loosen up muscle knots and stop the pain they cause.

Practitioners trained in trigger point therapy can quickly find these areas on the body and treat them, loosening the contracted muscle fibers with the right touches.

By kneading and stretching the affected muscle fibers, muscle tightness eventually loosens and allows constricted fibers to relax.

As knots relax and muscle fibers and layers are realigned, inflammation goes down, allowing muscles to begin the process of self-repair.

Used with other therapies like cold and hot compresses, rest, and then gentle muscle stretching, massage therapy can resolve many muscle knots.

What Other Benefits Can Massage for Muscle Knots Bring?

Painful myofascial trigger points affect a lot more than just those muscle fibers that are directly involved.

They cause secondary discomfort throughout the body when inflamed pain receptors are ignited, spreading that tension and pain elsewhere.

This is why massage therapists address known muscle knots to relieve other problems as well or look for these trigger points when there are other complaints.

A healing massage to resolve muscle knots can also provide relief for radiating muscle pain, overall body tension, anxiety, headaches, ear and sinus pain, toothaches, back pain, mobility and flexibility problems, and many other painful conditions.

Relieve Your Muscle Knots With A Relaxing Massage

Whether you have an obvious muscle knot causing you pain or some other type of associated physical symptom, massage therapy can help.

A trained massage therapist can usually pinpoint where muscle knots are and relieve them, reducing that pain and many other types of pain quickly, non-invasively, and without the need for painkillers.

Performed regularly, massage can help anyone dealing with frequent myofascial trigger points, headaches, and other related body pain progress past that pain and work to heal the root issue.

Rather than dealing with the pain of muscle knots, visit a massage spa today!

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