There are various types of massage techniques used by a massage therapist to provide different benefits, from anxiety reduction to pain relief and much more.

Of the many techniques used, Swedish massage therapy, hot stone massage therapy, and aromatherapy massage are especially good for promoting overall relaxation.

When relaxation and the loosening of daily tension is your main goal, consider one of these beneficial, calming massages!

What Is Swedish Massage Therapy and How Does It Help?

Swedish massage therapy is a very commonly used therapy and the one that people are most familiar with.

It involves rolling, kneading, and stretching the muscles using the pressure of the fingers and thumbs and long, sweeping motions of the hands.

Using these techniques, massage therapists can loosen tense and sore muscles as well as increase blood flow and oxygen to the muscles.

It also creates friction heat which helps to increase blood flow and oxygen to the muscles that promotes healing and relaxation just like hot stone massage therapy.

Done alone or in combination with aromatherapy, Swedish massage promotes an overall feeling of looseness and relaxation that can leave you feeling stress-free, invigorated, and ready to enjoy a positive outlook on life.

Hot Stone Massage Therapy - How Does It Help?

Hot stone massage therapy is another commonly practiced but slightly different type of massage recommended for relaxation.

Unlike Swedish massage that focuses on the gentle manipulation of the muscles, hot stone massage focuses on heat and how the body reacts to it.

Heat soothingly releases tension in the muscles and promotes blood and oxygen flow to those areas.

This type of massage is done using large, flat, heavy stones that are heated, then placed on various trigger points on the back and elsewhere on the body to let the heat do its work.

This therapy is commonly paired with aromatherapy and Swedish massage, which all work together very well to create total relaxation in the body.

How Does Aromatherapy Massage Help?

Aromatherapy massage is a method where aromatherapy oils are used during any other type of massage to give the additional benefits that certain scents can bring.

Oils such as lavender, sandalwood, and bergamot, when used with either Swedish or hot stone massage, promote feelings of relaxation and contentment by flooding the olfactory senses with scent to help the physical massages be more effective.

Ready For A Relaxing Massage?

When you want to enjoy the benefits of physical and mental relaxation in a unique and healthy way, Swedish massage therapy is a great choice.

Whether enjoyed alone or with the addition of hot stone therapy and aromatherapy massage, these techniques are the perfect treat for yourself after a busy week or when facing an important day and you need to feel your best.

Try one or more of these helpful techniques and you will wonder how you ever lived without the benefits delivered by a great therapeutic massage!

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