To many, getting a body massage might seem like an occasional luxury to splurge on and enjoy.

A massage may be a treat for your body; however, it can be a lot more as well.

Before assuming visiting a massage therapist should be for special occasions only, here are six valid reasons why you need a good massage more frequently than just every once in a while!

1. Combat Anxiety and Depression

One of the more prominent effects that body massage has for many people is it reduces their anxiety and can even reduce depression for some.

By activating the parasympathetic nervous system and quieting the sympathetic nervous system, massage creates a condition where anxiety as well as cortisol drops and other endorphins produce a pleasurable feeling instead.

Done routinely, massage therapy is great for those leading stressful lives or suffering with anxiety or depression for any reason.

2. Improve The Healing Process

The healing of soft tissue injuries requires good circulation so the body can work efficiently to repair itself.

Constricted and painful muscles and joints prevent that from happening.

With doctor approval, massage therapy offers a non-medicinal way to alleviate pain, loosen muscles, and improve circulation, all of which promote faster self healing.

3. Improve Immunity and Overall Health

In addition to promoting better healing and reducing anxiety, improved circulation from body massage also aids the immune system, allowing it to function better.

A healthier and stronger immune system can help anyone better maintain their health or manage chronic conditions.

This occurs when the circulatory and lymph systems are able to perform effectively.

4. Reduce Fatigue

Yet another benefit that therapeutic massage can provide is lowered fatigue.

Whether fatigue is caused by poor sleep, medical conditions and treatment, or something else, massage that loosens the muscles and improves circulation is a proven technique to lessen feelings of fatigue.

Weekly massages are especially effective for providing relief for those undergoing chemotherapy or dealing with certain medical or biological conditions.

5. Get Better Sleep

For those who have difficulty sleeping, regular visits to a massage therapist can reduce insomnia and promote better quality sleep.

It is another positive effect gained from lowering cortisol levels that can keep the heart beating faster at night when it should be slowing down so you can sleep.

In turn, better sleep improves self-healing, reduces fatigue and depression, and aids good health in general.

6. Improve Attentiveness

Since massage therapy works so well to improve sleep, reduce fatigue, and lower anxiety, it only makes sense that it can help those struggling with the inability to focus well.

A lowered heart rate and calmer nervous system improves attentiveness and the ability to focus.

Ready For That Great Body Massage?

So before thinking a body massage should be reserved as only a special treat for yourself, think again.

Regular sessions with an experienced massage therapist can generate positive effects like these and others as well.

You will be happier, healthier, and more relaxed, and yes, it just feels really good!

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